The Islander - Ladies Black and Grey Soft Rubber Top Leather Strap
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The Islander
Enjoy instant comfort walking on a soft rubber top sole while still sporting the original rainbow® look on the tops of your feet with The Islander.
  • single layer arch
  • soft cushy top sole
  • classic cell pattern
  • premier leather strap
  • double stitched
  • box x toe construction
  • bonded nylon thread
  • triple glued
  • non-slip rainbow® bottom
  • embossed rainbow® logo
  • original woven label
Repair • Reuse • Recycle
“In 1974 I realized surfers needed a more comfortable, long lasting sandal so I developed a layered construction combining improved densities of sponge rubber, 2000 lb. test nylon webbing with a parachute box X stitch to secure the toe piece, better leather sources, and formulated my own glue to hold the layers together.
Today, our goal remains producing high-quality sandals that don’t end up in landfills. That commitment doesn’t end when our sandals leave the store. If your Rainbows are nearing the end of their run and are past warranty, but still have some life left, please return them. We will repair if needed and donate each pair to people in need throughout the world.”
Rainbow® Sandals philosophy to Repair • Reuse • Recycle is one we hope you share too.”
Jay “Sparky” Longley
Founder & President