Baja Boot - Fleece Lined Inside Premier Leather Single Layer Arch Support
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Just because the weather gets cold, doesn’t mean you stop surfing. It just means you have to dress warmer when you’re done! Get a pair of the best lined boots out there while they last.

• Single Layer Arch Support
• Fleece Lined
• Nubuck Leather Upper
• Trimmed with Nubuck
• Bonded Nylon Thread
• Original Rainbow Woven Label

The Baja Boot was inspired by surfers and designed by the ultimate surfer. They of course sit on our famous Rainbow single layer footbed with arch support. The boot is made with genuine leather upper, and the top, heel, and footbed are all timed with nubuck leather for added support.

We use bonded nylon thread to double stitch it all together, using the best quality materials ensures that the thread won’t fray or pull out. All the layers are triple glued and sit upon our Rainbow bottom. You will find the Original Rainbow woven label on the outside of the right boot.