NEW - Single Layer Leather 3/4" Medium Strap w/Swarovski® Crystals
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This NEW 2018 version has a little bit wider strap being our New Medium strap it's 3/4” and still feminine but has a little more substance.   

The original single layer Crystal Collection is modeled after our popular single layer leather sandal; it features a ½” narrow strap being embedded with Swarovski® Crystals.
We decided to add this new Medium 3/4" strap option in multiple layers, also check out the wedges featuring the 3/4” Medium Strap with Swarovski® Crystals.
  • Single Layer Premier Leather
  • ¾” Medium Leather Strap
  • Swarovski® Crystals Embedded
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Nylon Toe Piece
  • Box X Stitch Construction
  • Molds to Your Individual Foot
  • Triple Glued
  • Original Woven Label
  • Rainbow Lifetime Warranty
  • Pat. No USD58,130S

This sandal is our popular single layer leather with arch support; it has a premier leather top sole and MEDIUM ¾” strap; which is embedded with genuine Swarovski® Crystals. (pat. No USD58,130S)

You get the same great structure using bonded nylon thread on the nylon toe piece, and box X stitch. The layers are triple glued and it sits on a non-slip Rainbow bottom.

The Rainbow logo is embossed on the leather top sole and we finish it off with the Original Rainbow woven label on the right strap.

Dress up any outfit with the Crystal Collection.