The Cloud - Single Layer Soft Top with Arch Support and Polyester Strap
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The Cloud is the single layer version of the Cloud Collection, it comes with a soft cushiony top sole and a comfortable polyester strap. You liked it so much we added two new colors!

• Single Layer Arch
• Soft Cushiony Top Sole
• Embossed Rainbow® Logo
• Double Stitched Polyester Strap
• Box X Toe Construction
• Bonded Nylon Thread
• Triple Glued
• Non-Slip Rainbow® Bottom
• Original Woven Label
• Six Month Warranty

The Low Cloud has a soft cushiony top sole, you sort of melt into, it is embossed with the Rainbow® logo on the top sole, and has the single layer arch support. All on our Rainbow® non-slip bottom sole.

The soft polyester strap is sewn with bonded nylon thread and features our box X toe piece construction. The Original Rainbow® woven label is sewn to the right toe.