NEW - 6 Layer Rainbow Wedge Classic Black Leather 1" Leather Strap
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The Original Premier Leather Six Layer Wedge has been a Rainbow favorite for over 40 years. Sparky decided to resurrect this blast from the past, gave it some clean lines, and a fresh start  

The Premier Leather Six Layer Wedge Has Returned!
  • New for 2018
  • Six Layer Wedge
  • Premier & Classic Leather Top Sole
  • Soft Rubber Midsole
  • Premier & Classic Leather 1” Strap
  • Double Stitched Strap
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Box X Toe Construction
  • Triple Glued
  • Non-Slip Rainbow Bottom
  • Original Woven Label
  • Lifetime Warranty
The Premier Leather Wedge has been a Rainbow favorite for over 40 years. The ladies have been asking for the wedge to come back and the day has come!  Jay “Sparky” Longley personally hand crafted these until they were perfect. They won’t break, or come apart we hope you enjoy them for the long ride…..

We are perfecting the Premier Leather Wedge in our USA factory using a higher quality, soft rubber midsole so they are softer when you put them on your feet. The six layer wedge is 1.25 inches in the front rising to inches at the 2.25 heel, giving you a little step up!

The Premier Leather Strap is 1 inch to give more durability; they are double stitched to make sure they hold up under the pressure of all kinds of wear and tear.

They have softer midsole layers for instant comfort that is designed to break down 10% over time to form to your individual foot creating the perfect support, and maximum comfort.

Sparky’s goal is to make a Sandal that won’t break; he has succeeded in that goal for over 40 years. Now he has mastered the art of functionality, comfort, and design.

Enjoy the Premier Leather Six Layer Wedge