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Mary's Kitchen + Eco Farms

by Pat Huber | Feb 17, 2017
Mary's Kitchen and Eco Farms

Some of your sandals we receive through our Repair • Reuse • Recycle program are ending up on the feet of the homeless at Mary's Kitchen. The volunteers at Mary's Kitchen serve breakfast, lunch and provide hot showers to the homeless every day. On Thursday's, they distribute donated clothes and once a month they have the Mary's Kitchen Fair where volunteers come and provide medical attention, pedicures, massages, etc.

In addition to donating sandals, Eco Farms in Temecula allows us to come pick oranges and avocados every week to help feed the homeless at Mary's Kitchen, and other various places throughout Southern California. We would like to thank you and all the volunteers that help serve those in need.

Find more information about Eco Farms HERE

Want to volunteer at Mary's Kitchen? Visit HERE