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Repair • Reuse • Recycle

by Pat Huber | May 26, 2016

FlipFlopsforHisFeet began in 2012, when 5-year-old, Easton Burdette, saw a need and wanted to help. After seeing a photo from his grandfather's recent mission trip of a little girl with no shoes, Easton came home and asked if he could send that little girl his favorite pair of shoes - his flip flops. “Of course, we agreed and began to ask family and friends if they had any flip flops that we could send as well” says Easton’s mother, Emilee. Easton began to use his allowance, birthday money, and any change that he could find to buy flip-flops.

“I'll never forget the look on his face nor the store clerk's when Easton pushed a buggy of flip flops up to the register and then handed over his big bag of change. He was so excited to get to help others and he still is!”

Since 2012, 3,300 pairs of flip flops have been sent to impoverished villages in Guatemala, Peru, and Liberia.  Easton's passion for giving to and helping others inspired and motivated the Burdette family to found a non profit humanitarian aid organization this past year called The Walk A Mile Project. The Walk A Mile Project will be taking a mission team to Panajachel, Guatemala this June. They will be building homes for the homeless, feeding villages by providing families with a month's supply of beans, rice, oil, protein mix, etc., and of course- giving out flip flops and shoes to those in need! 

For more info on The Walk a Mile go HERE