EXCLUSIVE - Double Layer Arch Rubber Top 3/4" Nylon Braided Strap
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We think we are pretty smart over here at the Rainbow Sandals Headquarters, and we’re proving it with this amazing new sandal design. We’ve combined our new and improved, Classic Rubber Double Layer in the softer more comfortable version with the #1 selling Flirty Braidy style with a nylon strap.

The top sole is amazingly soft but continues with the original link pattern so its non-slip, the 3/4" nylon strap is durable, cute and instantly comfortable.

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  • New August 2018
  • Double Layer Arch
  • Closed Cell Classic Rubber
  • Nylon Strap with Braided Finish
  • Double Stitched
  • Nylon Toe Piece
  • Box X Toe Construction
  • Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Triple Glued
  • Non-Slip Rainbow Bottom
  • Original Woven Label
  • Molds to Your Individual Foot
  • Lifetime Warranty
This beauty has the Double layer arch construction, with a midsole that breaks down 10% under your foot creating the perfect fitting sandal for your individual foot.  We double stitch the strap and box X toe piece with bonded nylon thread so they won’t fray or tear.  
Each layer is triple glued, and hand sanded. They have a non-slip top and bottom so they are perfect for splashing pool or beach side.
The 3/4” nylon strap has the braided pattern of the Flirty Braidy, with each of the outer straps showing the braid pattern and the flat stitched trim on the inner straps.
Cute and Comfortable