The Rainboater - Single Layer Classic Rubber with a Nylon Strap and White Non Marking Bottom
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The Rainboater is an oldie but definitely a goodie! This single layer classic rubber sandals come with a durable nylon strap and our non-slip Rainbow bottom is white so it won’t leave scuff marks on your Boat. Now that’s genius!

• Single Layer Arch
• Closed Cell Classic Rubber
• Nylon Strap
• Box X Toe Construction
• Bonded Nylon Thread
• Triple Glued
• Non-Slip Bottom
• Non-Marking Bottom
• Original Woven Logo

The Rainboater was made for the waterman, single layer arch closed cell rubber that has a textured top sole so you won’t slip when you’re hosing off the boat, the white non-slip, and non-marking bottom sole is perfect for work and play!

The nylon strap and toe piece are sewn together with a box X stitch using durable bonded nylon thread. All the best materials are use so the thread won’t fray or pull out. The layers are all triple glued and they are finished off with the Original Rainbow woven label.

They don’t make them like this anymore, But we still do!

The Classics - Double Layer Classic Rubber with a Nylon Strap
The Classics - Double Layer Classic Rubber with a Nylon Strap
Product Number: 302AR000BLBKLS00
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